Commercial Roofing in Jacksonville: Why Choose Metal Roofing?

With so many options for commercial roofing in Jacksonville, you may be uncertain as to which type of roofing material is best for your commercial building. There are plenty of roofing types to consider, from asphalt and concrete to polymers and gravel. 

Of course, some roofing materials stand the test of time better than others. For a long-term roofing solution that offers a number of lasting benefits, choose metal roofing.

Benefits of Metal for Commerical Roofing

Metal roofing is swiftly becoming a popular choice for commercial facilities, especially in areas that experience frequent tropical storms. Modern metal roofs have seen a significant increase in quality and attractiveness making what was once a non-traditional alternative a desirable one for smart business owners.

Below are just a few of the reasons why metal is a top choice for commercial roofing in Jacksonville.

Metal is Fire-Resistant

Unlike asphalt shingles, which are often highly flammable, metal is an extremely fire-resistant material. Choosing a metal roof for your commercial building offers an extra layer of protection for your business and enables you to stay compliant with certain fire codes.

Metal Roofs have a Long Life Span

Investing in a metal roof may not be the cheapest option upfront, but it offers significant savings in the long run. When properly installed, metal roofs last an average of 30-50 years, and some have a lifespan equaling that of a typical commercial building. Costly repairs and replacements will be a thing of the past when you have a roof you can actually rely on!

Metal Roofs are Low Maintenance

A metal roof can also save you money over the years as it will only require minimal maintenance. It’s rare for metal roofs to fail, as they are both strong and durable. Any issues found during your usual bi-annual roof inspection should only require simple, inexpensive repairs.

Metal Roofs Stand Up to Bad Weather

In areas that experience gale force winds and heavy rains, a weather-resistant roof is a must. Metal has the capacity to withstand severe weather conditions and significant moisture accumulation. As a result, you can view your roof as a form of protection for your facility that prevents leaks from wreaking havoc on your building’s interior.

Metal is an Environmentally Friendly Material

Your metal roof can be considered a lifetime investment. Instead of replacing and throwing away roofing materials as they get old, you’ll enjoy a solid roofing structure for decades. Not only is this easier on your wallet, but it’s also easier on the environment. Unlike other roofing materials that are often considered to be disposable, metal stands the test of time and therefore rarely contributes to landfill waste.

Metal Roofs are an Energy Efficient Option

As a reflective material, metal boosts energy efficiency for buildings of all types. Your metal roof will reduce the cost of cooling your facility by reflecting the rays of the sun. It can also act as a solid foundation for installing solar panels, increasing the energy efficiency of your building even further. 

You won’t only notice the difference in your energy bills. You’ll also enjoy being able to maintain a cool, comfortable temperature inside your business without having to send your air conditioning unit into overdrive during the hot summer months.

Our Customized Commercial Roofing Options in Jacksonville

Partner with AMW Contracting for a high-quality metal roof that offers all the above benefits. We utilize advanced processes to design and fabricate customized sheet metal roofs. With durable performance and an aesthetic tailored to fit the needs of any facility, our custom sheet metal fabrication services are an excellent commercial roofing solution for businesses in the Jacksonville area.  

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