About Us: Our Facilities Management Company

At AMW Contracting, we’re a facilities management company that businesses throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida can trust to improve their facilities and respond to emergencies that could otherwise affect normal business operations. We’re on call 24/7 to ensure business owners always have access to the reliable and professional support they need to maintain comfortable and functional facilities.

Formally known as Armored Metal Works, AMW was first opened in August 1999. Our initial projects included the construction of large self-storage complexes and pre-engineered metal buildings, as well as the installation of over 500 metal roofs throughout the Northeast Florida area.

Our owner, Kenneth Durden, has always been committed to providing customers with fair prices and honest hard work that produces results they can rely on again and again. As a lifelong native of Jacksonville, Ken’s roots run deep in the local community. It’s this personal connection to the area that makes the businesses we serve not only our customers but also our neighbors and fellow community members. With integrity at the core of our business model, we’ve been able to increase our customer base and establish ourselves as one of the area’s most trusted facilities management companies.

Our Facilities Management Company: Building Services

Our building services include detailed work to update or transform your facility according to your vision and business requirements. From drywall and woodworking to structural pest resolution and specialized cleaning services, we offer everything you need for an ideal business environment. We can even conduct sidewalk and curb replacement and perform emergency clean-up and repairs following extensive damage. For every project, you’ll receive access to a customer portal that allows you to view pictures and detailed information documenting the work we’ve completed.

Our Facilities Management Company: Commercial Roofing

In addition to building services for a wide range of industries, our facilities management company also maintains a Commercial Roofing department. Our proven roof repair process promotes the structural integrity of your facility with a 97% success rate. 

From new roof installations to emergency leak repairs and an affordable roof maintenance program, our team of professionals can help prolong the life of your existing roof system through a variety of commercial roofing services.

Our professional technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and are trained to utilize our proven methods and procedures to deliver optimal results. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to maintaining a high level of integrity that instills our customers with confidence every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for commercial roofing or building services, you count on AMW Contracting to provide you with the best value propositions on the market. Our facilities management company engineers solutions to fit your building needs and your budget so that you can get back to business as usual. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients in the Northeast Florida area!

Giving Back to the Community

Below is a list of charitable organizations that AMW supports: