Your Source for Emergency Storm Repair? AMW Contracting

Hurricane season officially began on June 1st and lasts through the end of November. If you own a commercial property near coastal waters, it’s important for you to be prepared to deal with emergency storm repairs for at least half of the year, every year. 

Unfortunately, the potential for storm damage appears to be increasing from year to year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the national average frequency of high tide flooding has doubled in just three decades.

AMW Contracting can’t stop Mother Nature, but we can repair the damage she causes. Our emergency storm repairs will help get your commercial property back in working order following a major storm. With our expert team on call, you’ll have less to worry about when you get word of a hurricane warning.

Make Emergency Storm Repairs Easier By Planning Ahead

We’ve already talked in-depth about the importance of storm preparedness, but it’s so crucial that we’ll state it again: Having a hurricane emergency plan in place is key to avoiding the worst outcomes. 

The Congressional Budget Office has projected businesses to lose a total of $9 billion per year to damage from hurricane winds and storm-related flooding. With this level of risk, it’s imperative to do everything in your power to minimize the losses your business will face following a storm.

Taking the necessary measures ahead of time to make your insurance claims as thorough as possible will help you secure a higher percentage of your losses. Many insurance companies try to blame a portion of losses on pre-existing damage, making it key to conduct regular building maintenance before and during storm season. At AMW, we offer comprehensive documentation of our building maintenance services, so you can avoid being put off by insurers in the event of storm damage.

Types of Hazards and Necessary Repairs to Expect with a Major Storm

Commercial properties are often susceptible to major damage from hurricanes even if they have been built according to specific codes. While your property may have been constructed to withstand strong winds and is located well above water level, it is still vulnerable to damage from heavy rains, extreme flooding, fallen trees, and flying debris.

Although it’s important to take precautions to minimize damage, some storms are just too powerful and can cause tremendous destruction despite your best efforts. If your property is in the path of a hurricane, it may suffer damage from the following types of hazards.

Storm Surges

When a hurricane approaches the coastline, it can cause sea levels to rise up to 30 feet. Strong storm winds then push the water in the direction of the land, submerging low-lying areas with ocean water. Called a storm surge, this rising water can come in the form of crashing waves that completely demolish any structures in their path. While storm surges are typically short-lived, the damage they leave behind is incredible.

If your commercial property is hit by a storm surge, it will likely experience significant flooding and structural damage. Our emergency storm repair team can make necessary repairs to help get you back to business quickly and safely. From specialty cleaning to mold remediation, remodeling, and interior and exterior painting, we offer a wide range of building services and emergency storm repairs to contend with the effects of flood damage.

Heavy Rains

Thanks to torrential rains, hurricanes aren’t only a concern for properties in coastal areas. Although hurricanes weaken as they travel inland, they bring heavy rains along with them that can result in rivers flooding their banks and the formation of dangerous mudslides.

Torrential rain damage at your commercial property may require emergency roof repairs, water damage remediation, and significant renovations. At AMW Contracting, our team is here to help you deal with the damage caused by heavy rains and ensure your property is safe for reopening.

High Winds and Tornadoes

Water is a significant concern for commercial properties in hurricane-prone areas, but there are other threats to think about as well. Hurricane wind speeds can reach 150 mph, causing catastrophic damage. Hurricanes can also form tornadoes with powerful winds that catapult debris for miles.

If your property doesn’t experience direct wind damage, it may be hit with flying debris or fallen trees. Both of these hazards can puncture roofs and exterior walls, requiring emergency repair and possible roof replacement. 

Our emergency storm repair services are designed to help business owners through the aftermath of a major storm. Call AMW Contracting today at 904-725-4197 to get started with our expert team of technicians.