About Our Facilities Management Service

Are you looking for a facilities management service that prioritizes the needs of your business as well as your preferences as a business owner? At AMW Contracting, we understand that running a company requires you to wear many different hats. At some point, it’s best to leave certain tasks to experts who will care for your property as if it were their own. 

With our facilities management service, you can have confidence that a team of professionals is keeping your building in optimal condition. Not only can we help prevent the need for disruptive emergency repairs in the future, but we’ll also work to promote your company’s image by providing your staff and customers with a safe, healthy, and comfortable space.

Taking a Personal Approach to Facilities Management

Our extensive experience working with businesses in the Jacksonville area has given us in-depth insight into how we can enhance business operations through our building services. Here are just a few of the things we promise to all of our customers:

  • We’ll work around your schedule. Disruptions can not only distract your employees and customers but can also cost your business financially. Our goal is to help you maintain business success in all areas, meaning we’ll only work in a manner that keeps your business running smoothly.
  • We’ll always uphold sky-high standards. At AMW Contracting, we’re not into quick fixes. While you can count on us to work efficiently, we’ll always choose a route that emphasizes quality and leads to lasting results. In addition, our detail-oriented work allows your vision to come to life and prevents problems from occurring later down the road.
  • We make a point of being personable and easy to reach. If you’re leaving your commercial property in the hands of a facilities management service, you should always be able to contact them directly about any issue. We want to make sure you feel comfortable communicating with our team and that your needs are heard and understood. Our communication-driven partnerships result in less stress for business owners and confidence that we’re getting the job done right.

Our Range of Facilities Management Services

It’s no easy feat to keep your commercial property in tip-top shape while also focusing on the needs of your customers, employees, daily business operations, and the pursuit of growth. With our help, you won’t have to worry about every little issue that arises within your building. Instead, you can leave the details to us and have peace of mind that we’re constantly improving your commercial space.

We realize your needs may fluctuate based on the season, remodeling plans, or the results of an inspection. As we offer a wide range of building services, you can be sure we have you covered no matter what the future brings. Here are some of the many services we can provide:

  • Specialty cleaning. From terminal cleaning to above-ceiling cleaning and cleaning for commercial kitchens and warehouses, we’re able to keep any type of facility looking its best.
  • Structural pest resolution. We’re licensed and certified to eliminate pests ranging from rodents to insects while prioritizing human health and safety.
  • Interior and exterior painting. We’ll refresh your space quickly and precisely with minimal disruption to your everyday business activities.
  • Emergency storm repair. Our 24/7 services can get you back to work promptly following a storm or natural disaster and are accompanied by thorough before-and-after documentation.
  • Commercial contracting. We connect with professional technicians to conduct high-quality renovations at any type of commercial property.

For a facilities management service you can trust, turn to AMW Contracting. Simply call 904-725-4197 today to hear more about what we can do for your business.