Commercial Contracting Services in Jacksonville: We can Help

One of the biggest pain points for building and facility managers is ongoing maintenance. Much like at home, it can seem like as soon as one trouble area is fixed, another pops up. With the help of a reliable commercial contracting service in Jacksonville, you can keep your business running smoothly. 

At AMW Contracting, we understand the need for quick resolutions that are done on budget and on time. Your day is filled with a variety of tasks and activities. When something breaks down, you need a commercial contracting service you can rely on to show up, fix the problem, and provide documentation of the services provided.

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve encountered nearly any problem you can imagine or dream up. Whether it’s roof repair or pest control, storm preparedness or health violation remediation, our team is ready to get started to fix the problems your facility is experiencing.

Ways Our Commercial Contracting Service in Jacksonville can Help

We offer a wide range of commercial contracting services in Jacksonville, including the following:

  • Tile and grout repairs.
    Cracked tile and broken down grout are the perfect hiding space for bacteria and mold growth. We can effectively remediate structural issues within your tile floors to keep them smooth, even, and safe.
  • Terminal cleaning.
    We work with cutting-edge tools and professional methods to disinfect and sanitize equipment, walls, floors, and above-ceiling spaces, controlling the spread of infection.
  • Structural pest resolution.
    Our licensed and certified services eliminate rodents, insects, and other pests whose presence could give rise to a health code violation. The measures we employ are both maximally effective and proven to protect human health and safety.
  • Equipment installation.
    If your equipment needs to be updated, you can turn to us for professional installation to quickly make things right.
  • And more!
    From sealing to painting, our spectrum of professional services will improve your business space and help prevent future maintenance concerns.

Working with You to Solve Problems

Our years of experience have taught us many things. One of the most important being that we work for you! Our schedule is flexible and we understand that oftentimes, we’ll need to be working when your teams are off so we minimize disruptions. 

Our approach is to always provide personalized services that are established through communication and discussion with your team. We’ll document our process and the steps we take so you always have knowledge of what we are doing and when it’s getting done. On time and on budget work is our top priority.

Learn more about how our commercial contracting services in Jacksonville can remediate health code violations and promote health and safety at your business facility. Call AMW Contracting at 904-725-4197 today to get started with a free estimate!