Commercial Roofing in Jacksonville: Why Choose Duro-Last?

If you need to replace or restore the flat roof on your commercial building, you may find yourself doing research on commercial roofing in Jacksonville. You may also quickly find that once you learn about Duro-Last, there’s no need to look into any other kind of roofing system. 

When you choose to have a Duro-Last roof installed on your facility, you can have total peace of mind. Duro-Last roofs are known to be quality roofing systems that will maintain their integrity for many years to come. 

One of the main features of Duro-Last roofs that set them apart from the rest is their composition. This type of roofing system is made of reinforced thermoplastic formed into a single-ply membrane. This innovative material is incredibly resilient, making it an excellent choice for businesses with exacting needs. 

Since each roof is pre-fabricated in a factory setting according to the specific measurements of the building in question, there is little room for error to occur. After the pre-fabrication process, the roof is installed on-site quickly and efficiently with significantly less noise and mess than traditional roof replacements and restorations. 

Duro-Last Benefits

Still unsure what choosing Duro-Last would mean for your commercial roofing needs in Jacksonville? Let’s break it down.

Below, we’ve listed some of the many benefits owners and managers of commercial properties enjoy when they choose to invest in a Duro-Last roof.

Benefit #1: Installation

As mentioned above, the process of installing a Duro-Last roof is faster and more straightforward than with other types of roofs. However, this doesn’t only mean you’ll be able to get back to business more quickly. It also means you can save on labor costs. As almost 85% of the seaming process is done in a quality-controlled environment, there is less work to do on site, less potential for danger, and less waste.

Benefit #2: Strength

Depending on the industry in which you operate, you may not only be worried about your roof leaking and causing moisture damage that could affect the interior of your building. You may also worry about the susceptibility of your roof to fire, grease, chemicals, or dramatic temperature changes. Duro-Last roofs are designed to be extremely strong and durable and can resist exposure to these elements while displaying incredible longevity.

Benefit #3: Maintenance 

All roofs require some form of maintenance to retain their structural integrity. However, Duro-Last needs much less maintenance than other roofing systems. 

Because the single-ply membrane is pre-fabricated to fit your roof and is composed of tough materials, there are simply fewer opportunities for leaks or punctures that require repairs. As a result, you can look forward to saving on maintenance costs over time.

Benefit #4: Energy Conservation

If budget is a significant concern as you shop for a new roof, you were likely glad to hear Duro-Last could help you save on labor and maintenance costs. Yet there are even more savings to be had with Duro-Last. 

Because the roofing material is so reflective, Duro-Last can contribute to keeping the interior of your building cool when temperatures soar in the summer. You’ll enjoy savings on your monthly energy bills while also limiting the environmental impact of your business. 

Benefit #5: Warranty

Choosing the right roof for your commercial facility is a decision that will have long-term effects for your business. It’s important to select a type of commercial roofing in Jacksonville you know will hold up for the long run. 

Thanks to the amazing warranty offered by Duro-Last, you won’t have to worry if an issue does arise. While you probably won’t ever need to fall back on the warranty, simply knowing this is one of the best warranties in the business will enable you to feel good about your purchase decision.

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