Roof Inspections in Jacksonville: The Key to Making Your Commercial Roof Last

Facility managers have a lot on their plates. When key components of the facility are built to last and properly maintained, the job becomes a whole lot easier. This is especially true for roofs of commercial buildings. In addition to frequent maintenance, roof inspections in Jacksonville are crucial to ensuring the longevity of any commercial property.

Frequent roof inspections are a cost-effective method for increasing a roof’s lifespan as they indicate the specific forms of maintenance required to prevent major problems in the future. At AMW Contracting in Jacksonville, we’re ready to provide roof inspection services that ensure your commercial roof lasts. You can count on our team to maximize the longevity of your commercial roof while offering a number of other benefits.

How You’ll Benefit From Our Roof Inspections in Jacksonville

Finding a professional roofing company with the ability to perform lasting repairs and provide first-rate services should be a top priority. However, it’s also important to choose a contractor who will help you get the most out of your roof inspection in Jacksonville.

Our team takes pride in delivering exceptional services for a wide range of commercial roofing types. We also make communication with our clients a key part of our inspection process. 

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with a roofing company that puts your needs first.

The Ability to Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Our roofing inspections result in reports with detailed evidence related to the current condition of your roof. Whenever possible, the inspectors will include high-quality images to provide specific proof of the types of repairs needed. This imagery could be in the form of photos, drone footage, or even infrared moisture images.

Our inspectors will walk you through the details of the report and explain why certain problems require specific solutions. We understand that not everyone is familiar with roofing terminology and the different components of commercial roofing systems. We also know that even if you aren’t a roofing expert, you still need to make important, educated decisions about maintenance, repairs and potentially roof replacement. For this reason, it’s vital to choose a roofing contractor who will answer your questions and help you understand why this investment is needed and provide evidence to back up their claims.

The Ability to Plan Ahead

Many roofing companies offer forecast assessments of a roof’s condition, giving their clients information crucial to the planning ahead for repairs and replacement. These assessments typically amount to a professional prediction of the types of maintenance and repairs that may be required in the months and years ahead. 

With this document at your fingertips, you’ll have the chance to budget for roofing expenses in advance instead of having to deal with the high cost of emergency repairs. Of course, this assessment must include a detailed maintenance schedule and accurate cost estimates if it is to be of any value.

The Ability to Take Advantage of Warranties

From Duro-Last to PVC, almost all of the top commercial roofing systems come with warranties. As any type of product, using warranties to their full potential can be a challenge. Manufacturers rarely, if ever, offer refunds without extensive proof and meticulous reporting.

Professional roofing inspections can help you make the most of your warranty thanks to the detailed reports they generate. Unfortunately, not all roofing companies keep their employees up-to-date on warranty changes or realize their reports may be used for purposes beyond client communication. That’s why it’s so important to choose a professional company that’s prepared to perform a thorough roof inspection in Jacksonville and detail this work through high-quality reporting.

Learn more about the advantages of regular roof inspections in Jacksonville conducted by a professional team. Call AMW Contracting today at 904-725-4197 for a free estimate.