Roof Leaks in Jacksonville: Preparing for Storm Season

Storm season in Jacksonville is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to start preparing for roof leaks. A leak may sound like something simple that does not require urgent repair. However, a leak can represent something much more insidious. 

If a roof leak occurs at your commercial property, putting off repairs can put the productivity of your business at risk and jeopardize the health and safety of your employees.

Having a plan in place for storm season in Jacksonville can help you deal with roof leaks as soon as they appear. That way, you can take steps to prevent more expensive emergency repairs from being needed and even avert a water-damage-related disaster.

Know What to Do About Roof Leaks 

Whether you’re dealing with a subtle drip-drip-drip in the corner of your warehouse or your building has sustained more obvious damage, you need to know who to call right away. After all, your business depends on the roof protecting it in so many ways. If that protective layer begins to leak, or collapses, you could be looking at a major blow to your business’s finances.

All too often, roof leaks in the Jacksonville area are caused by strong winds, heavy rain, and/or fallen trees. Typically, such severe storms result in widespread damage across the area, meaning roofing services are in high demand. 

When you’re dealing with a roof leak, the last thing you want to do is take the time to research a roofing company to ensure it’s one you can trust. Instead, you just want someone to come fix your roof as quickly as possible.

Doing that research now, before a storm hits, will save you time, stress, and money when it matters most. Now is the time to find a local contractor in Jacksonville with plenty of experience fixing roof leaks, dealing with emergency repairs, and responding to property owners’ needs 24/7.

Having this number on hand can also help you avoid falling prey to “storm chasers.” These roof scammers travel to an area that’s been hit hard by disaster and perform shoddy roofing work, knowing they won’t be around to deal with the fallout when the roof inevitably fails. Unfortunately, this storm chasing scam is an ongoing trend that hurts local business owners and roofers alike.

Distinguishing Between a Regular Roof Leak and a Roof Emergency

If you’re uncertain whether a moisture issue is a run-of-the-mill leak that requires a routine repair or a true emergency, leave it to your roofing contractor to do the diagnosis. If in doubt, it’s always better to have a professional opinion when moisture is involved. That’s because what looks like a small leak could actually be dampening insulation and result in widespread mold that necessitates the replacement of materials throughout your building.

When you choose a reliable roofer, you’ll be establishing a long-term relationship with them. Having that relationship helps to ensure your business is not taken advantage of or sold emergency repairs when they aren’t really needed. With a trusted commercial contractor at the ready, you can react calmly and quickly next time you notice evidence of a roof leak in Jacksonville.

Allow our commercial roofing experts at AMW Contracting to remedy any roofing issues your commercial property encounters this storm season. Call 904-725-4197 today for details about our cutting-edge waterproofing solutions and 24/7 repairs for roof leaks in Jacksonville.