Roof Repair in Jacksonville: Best-in-Class Warranties to Cover Roof Repairs

Buildings and their roofs are constantly exposed to the elements. Harsh weather, structural movement, and atmospheric chemicals can all add to the stress roofs experience over time. When normal aging is compounded by neglect, trade damage or accidents, severe storms, or equipment additions, costly roof repairs may be required. 

To avoid the need for roof repairs in Jacksonville, regular inspection and maintenance is crucial. Fortunately, arranging for your roof to be inspected and conducting regular maintenance is relatively simple. Most importantly, doing so can save time and money over the long run.

One of the best ways to avoid the need for roof repairs is to install a durable roofing system known for its resilience to leaks and punctures. With a Duro-Last® roof, you can count on optimal performance thanks to custom fabrication and innovative membrane formulation. 

In addition, you can enjoy comprehensive warranty coverage. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to take measures to protect your investment through regular maintenance and inspections.

Avoid the Need for Roof Repair in Jacksonville with These Steps

With a plan in place to keep your roof in the best shape possible, you can prevent the occurrence of accidents and minimize threats that could ultimately result in costly repairs. 

Here are ten steps that should be taken on a regular basis to protect your roofing system:

  1. Keep your records up to date. Store your warranty documents, inspection reports, repair and maintenance bills, construction drawings, and invoices in an organized, easily accessible location in case the need for repairs arises.
  2. Schedule routine inspections. Have your roof inspected in the spring and fall by a certified Duro-Last roofing contractor.
  3. Check for damage after severe weather. Following a hailstorm, heavy rains, or high winds, check your roof for damage even if you haven’t noticed any leaks on the interior of your building.
  4. Use an authorized contractor for repairs. If you observe damage following a storm or accident, arrange for repairs right away. As improper repairs often lead to bigger issues, repairs should only be performed by a certified Duro-Last contractor.
  5. Keep the roof area debris free. Trash and debris can cause punctures, overloading, and inadequate drainage. Use a broom or plastic shovel to remove debris on a regular basis.
  6. Ensure flashings and sealants remain in good condition. Examine metal components for rust, deterioration, damage, or detachment to prevent water infiltration.
  7. Maintain masonry walls and copings. Water leaks from deteriorated masonry are often mistaken for roof leaks. Keep an eye on walls and copings to ensure they stay watertight.
  8. Keep up with rooftop equipment maintenance. Air conditioners, skylights, satellite dishes, and solar panels should be frequently examined and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  9. Limit rooftop traffic. Only allow necessary personnel to access the roof to prevent traffic-related damage, and keep a detailed roof access log for your records.
  10. Clean your roof regularly. Make roof washing a regular part of your routine maintenance plan. Just be sure to only use safe roof washes, never solvent-based cleaners.

A Comprehensive Warranty is Key to Stress-Free Repairs

Taking the above steps should prevent the vast majority of issues that could require you to need a roof repair in Jacksonville. However, unexpected events, weather conditions, and accidents do happen. For this reason, having a roofing system backed by a comprehensive warranty will give you peace of mind should emergency repairs ever be required.

Duro-Last is an industry leader when it comes to warranty coverage. In fact, Duro-Last was the first roofing manufacturer to explicitly cover consequential damages on commercial buildings through its warranties. 

In addition, Duro-Last offers warranty groupings with the ideal coverage level for any job. From Supreme Warranties covering consequential damage to Ultra Warranties with high wind and/or hail coverage, you’ll find the exact level of coverage you need to protect your investment when you choose a Duro-Last roof.

Are you looking for an authorized Duro-Last contractor who can take care of your roof repairs in Jacksonville? Give AMW Contracting a call today at 904-725-4197 for details about our preventative maintenance programs, inspections, and 24/7 emergency repair services.