Commercial Roof Replacement: When Is the Best Time?

Choosing the right time for a commercial roof replacement may not seem easy at the outset. There are many factors to take into account, from current climate conditions and forecasted weather patterns to crucial signs your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Working with a professional roofing contractor to help time your roof replacement perfectly can prevent avoidable issues and ensure your roof is built to last.

Regular inspections are the best way to identify any issues your roof is experiencing and gather the information that can help with planning a commercial roof replacement. Have a licensed roofing contractor conduct an annual inspection for common types of damage that may have occurred over the course of the year. If any major storms take place in your area or HVAC or generator work has been done on your roof, it’s always a good idea to schedule an additional inspection.

The Best Seasons for a Commercial Roof Replacement

Due to the weather patterns in Florida, there are certain times of year during which it is best to have your commercial roof replacement done. We recommend roof replacements in the winter or spring to avoid delays resulting from severe storms or hurricanes. 

In addition to causing delays, harsh weather can also damage a new roof. Furthermore, some roof types should only be installed in cooler temperatures to avoid concerns with proper adhesion. 

While spring and winter are both optimal times for a roof replacement in Florida, winter is the ideal choice if you have a bit of flexibility. Installation is often quicker in cooler weather, and roofers tend to have slightly more availability in the winter than the spring. 

Signs It’s Time for a Commercial Roof Replacement 

During a regular roof inspection, your roofing contractor will look out for issues signaling your roof is in need of replacement. Ignoring these signs could lead to severe damage not only to your roof but also to your commercial building and everything inside it. 

The good news is that noticing these signs early on can give you time to plan for your roof replacement. That way, you can start budgeting for the investment and schedule it for a time that will be least disruptive to your business and most conducive to a quick replacement. 

Below, we’ve listed a few common problems that could indicate your roof needs to be replaced.

Bubbling or Roof Blistering

Membrane-style roofs in particular are prone to bubbling, or what some may call roof blistering. This occurs when a blister or bubble takes form beneath the surface of the membrane due to trapped moisture or air. 

The cause is typically either improper installation or poor ventilation. Over time, these blisters can cause major damage to your roof and may result in the need for replacement. 

Damage to Flashing or Pitch Pans

Flashing diverts water from the roof, while pitch pans are the metal sleeves covering protrusions on the roof. These two objects help keep water from entering the building. 

When they incur damage, water may begin to leak into the interior. Often, these leaks start small and can escape detection until they become larger and more serious. Therefore, if your roof’s flashing or pitch pans are damaged, there may be a significant problem to investigate.

Roof Rot or Dry Rot

When you have a flat roof, pooling or standing water is a serious risk. Water that sits on the roof can break down the membrane over time, causing the roof to fail and resulting in lasting damage to its overall structure. Water stains, discoloration, and cracks on the roof are all signs of roof rot. 

Storm Damage

Storm damage from high winds, heavy rain, and hail are often the cause of commercial roof replacements. High winds can blow debris onto the roof and puncture the membrane, while heavy rains can result in standing water or roof rot. 

Rather than waiting to see how your roof holds up after a storm, ensure it is properly inspected so you can deal with any problems immediately and possibly avoid the need for a total replacement.

If any of the above problems have come to your attention, it may be time for a roof replacement. With the winter season quickly approaching, it is the ideal time to start planning for your commercial roof replacement. Call AMW Contracting today at 904-725-4197 for a free estimate and details about our replacement options.