Commercial Roofing Company: Why We Recommend Duro-Last

If you’re in the market for a new roofing system for your commercial building, you may be unsure of which type of roof is going to offer the best investment over time. Since 1999, AMW Contracting has been a leading commercial roofing company in the Jacksonville area. We have seen time and again that Duro-Last roofs outperform many other roofing systems. 

As a result, we frequently recommend the installation of a Duro-Last roofing system for our clients with flat or low-sloped roofs. Wondering why this roof receives the highest recommendation from our commercial roofing company? Read below to learn about some of the advantages that Duro-Last commercial roofs offer.

Duro-Last Roofs are Prefabricated

With so many things being prefabricated these days, you may not bat an eye at this term being used in the roofing industry. However, the fact that Duro-Last roofs are prefabricated offers a number of highly attractive benefits.

  1. The prefabrication process takes place in a controlled factory environment, meaning there’s a much lower risk of error. 
  2. These roofs are created according to the specific measurements of the building they’ll cover, offering an exceptional fit and a reliable seal. 
  3. Up to 85% of the seaming takes place in the factory, rather than onsite, making the process of installing these roofs is a breeze compared with other roofing systems. 

When you choose Duro-Last, our commercial roofing company can quickly and quietly install your roof with no fuss and minimal disruption to your normal business operations.

Duro-Last Roofs are Incredibly Durable

Duro-Last roofs are made from a highly resilient PVC membrane that is resistant to temperature extremes, punctures, fire, high winds, chemicals, bacteria, and grease. This resilience makes it an excellent choice for businesses from a wide range of industries, including restaurants and factories, as well as buildings located in areas where severe weather is common. 

With such a high level of durability as well as a customized fit, the potential for leaks is dramatically reduced. Perhaps this is why Duro-Last is known as “The World’s Best Roof.” At the very least, the durability Duro-Last brings to the table is one of the main reasons our commercial roofing company recommends it so strongly to clients with concerns about resilience and leaks. 

Duro-Last Roofs Require Less Maintenance

Unfortunately, your commercial roof isn’t something you can invest in and then forget about. It requires ongoing maintenance to promote its longevity as well as its ability to continue protecting your business facility. 

While Duro-Last roofs aren’t completely maintenance-free, they are incredibly low maintenance when compared to other roofing systems. Thanks to their custom fit, prefabrication, and innovative components, these roofs have a much lower risk of encountering the issues that cause conventional roofing systems to require such laborious maintenance and upkeep. 

As long as you keep your Duro-Last roof free of debris and have it inspected regularly by a Duro-Last certified commercial roofing company, you can have confidence that it will continue doing its job properly for decades.

Learn More About Why Our Commercial Roofing Company Recommends Duro-Last

At AMW Contracting, we are a certified Duro-Last contractor and are proud to help our clients benefit from the industry-leading innovation that this roofing system represents. We can discuss your specific roofing needs and concerns with you to determine whether Duro-Last is the right choice for your commercial facility. 

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