Commercial Roofing in Jacksonville: Why Choose Duro-Last Roofing?

If you’re considering the various possibilities for commercial roofing in Jacksonville, you may have come across the option of Duro-Last® roofing. Duro-Last roofing systems are made with a reinforced, single-ply thermoplastic membrane. 

As every Duro-Last roof is custom-fabricated, this roofing system offers exceptional benefits ranging from longevity and high performance to ease of installation. For commercial buildings with flat roofs in need of replacement or restoration, Duro-Last is a smart option to consider.  

Understanding Duro-Last Roofing Systems & the Benefits They Offer

Before we look at the benefits of Duro-Last roofs, let’s investigate how these roofs are made. As Duro-Last roofing systems are custom-fabricated, their construction always begins with meticulous measurements of the building. Then, they are built according to these precise measurements in a highly controlled environment. 

By welding up to 85% of the seams within a factory setting, the need for on-site welding during installation is dramatically reduced. Once the bulk of the roof has been assembled, it is delivered to the job site for final installation.

Thanks to their unique construction and custom design, Duro-Last roofs have a number of innate qualities that make them a great choice for commercial buildings. 

Exceptional Durability

As very little on-site seaming is done during the installation of a Duro-Last roof, there’s almost no risk of leaks. The chemical make-up of the thermoplastic membrane offers a watertight surface, making Duro-Last an appealing option for geographical areas that experience severe storms and harsh weather conditions. It’s also worth noting that this type of membrane is created with flame retardants and meets all fire codes.

With a Duro-Last roof securing your facility, you won’t have to worry about water damage to your building during heavy rains and high winds. Plus, this material easily accommodates the thermal expansion and contraction of buildings caused by changes in temperature.

Energy Efficiency

By reflecting UV rays, including 88% of the sun’s energy, Duro-Last roofing can actually help keep your building cool. As a result, your energy bills may decrease substantially in the warmer months when air conditioning units are normally running on overdrive. In addition, the interior of your building will feel more comfortable thanks to this natural cooling mechanism.

Rapid Installation with Fewer Distractions

While some options for commercial roofing in Jacksonville are installed with dangerous apparatuses that are noisy and messy, Duro-Last is a stress-free alternative. Since it is prefabricated, there are fewer opportunities for mistakes to be made during installation and less work to be accomplished on-site. This combination of factors reduces the time it takes to install Duro-Last roofs and also minimizes the overall cost of labor.

A Rock-Solid Warranty

Duro-Last backs its roofing systems with industry-leading warranties that offer unparalleled protection. While you’re unlikely to ever use the warranty due to the high-quality construction of your roof, having this guarantee will give you peace of mind about choosing Duro-Last for your commercial building.

When it comes to commercial roofing in Jacksonville, you have a wide range of choices to consider. Those who prioritize durability, energy efficiency, and water-tight protection will find a Duro-Last roofing system meets all their needs.

For help with selecting and installing the right type of commercial roofing in Jacksonville, turn to a certified Duro-Last roofing contractor. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with AMW Contracting today at 904-725-4197 for more information about our commercial roofing services.