Commercial Roofing Tips: Preparing for Hurricane Season

Floridians are all too familiar with the risks that hurricane season brings. Just two years ago in 2020, $37 billion dollars of damage was racked up in the United States due to hurricanes and tropical storms. Commercial roofing damage comprised a significant proportion of this destruction and related repair costs. 

Records for hurricane related damage have been broken in recent years, and there is plenty of potential for new records to be set in the upcoming hurricane season. As a result, we strongly encourage commercial property owners to take as many precautionary measures as possible before the first storm of the season hits.

Take These Steps to Protect Your Commercial Roofing System 

Before doing the work of protecting your roof from hurricane damage and preparing for storm season, it’s crucial to understand the types of hazards hurricanes pose to commercial properties. Severe storms present a number of risks for business facilities, and many of these are misunderstood or underestimated. 

Some of the most important hazards to keep in mind are as follows:

  • High winds. High winds have unpredictable strength and can tear off any materials that are not properly anchored to your roof.
  • Heavy rains. Heavy rains and flash flooding can result in pooling water and moisture damage, both on your roof and inside your property if leaks occur. 
  • Flying debris. Roofs, especially those constructed with vulnerable materials, can be punctured by flying debris or fallen trees. Water damage on the interior of your property can occur as a result, as can the need for a roof repair or replacement.

With these risks in mind, we’ve created a brief guide to help you prepare your commercial roofing system and business premises for the consequences of a severe storm. 

Have your roof inspected by a commercial roofing contractor before hurricane season gets underway.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your roof is damaged and unprepared for high winds or heavy rains. Request a professional roofing contractor to conduct a thorough inspection so you can cover all of your bases before a storm hits.

Check gutters for debris and keep them securely anchored.

Debris that has built up in your gutters can contribute to water pooling on the roof during heavy rains. Additionally, any gutters that are unsecured run the risk of being dislodged by high winds.

Take care of overhanging branches now.

Overhanging branches and tree limbs can cause severe damage if they fall on your property during a storm. Be prudent about the potential for flying debris and minimize the potential for damage while you still can.

Confirm skylights are in good condition and well sealed.

Skylights can leak when exposed to heavy rains, resulting in water damage inside of your commercial property that can rack up significant costs. Simply ensuring skylights are well sealed before the rain comes will give you peace of mind and keep your indoor business operations clean and dry in the face of severe weather. 

Commercial Roofing Steps in the Aftermath of a Hurricane

If you’ve taken the above steps before a hurricane arrives, you’ve done your best to avoid the worst of the damage. However, it’s still crucial to conduct a meticulous investigation of your commercial roof following a storm. 

During this inspection, keep an eye out for damage, leaks, or other evidence of wear and tear caused by wind, water, or debris. Be sure to document evidence of any issues for your insurance provider. Then, contact a commercial roofing contractor to remedy leaks or damage before minor issues turn into more significant problems. 

Is your commercial roof ready for hurricane season? Enlist the help of our professional commercial roofing team today to ensure you’re fully prepared. Call AMW Contracting at 904-725-4197 to get started.