Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Company

When you realize you have a problem with your commercial roofing system, your mind may start spinning with questions. Finding a commercial roofing company that can answer those questions is the only way to gain peace of mind and put an end to your roofing issues. 

Of course, the process of selecting a roofing contractor can also bring questions to mind. Before you choose to partner with any company, asking them the right questions and listening carefully to their answers can give you the confidence you need to place your roofing needs in their hands. 

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company

Below, we’ve listed some questions you can ask potential roofing partners to find out more about their style of work as well as their reliability and expertise in the industry. 

1. Are you a licensed and insured company?

Trustworthy companies shouldn’t have any issues with allowing you to view their licensing documents and insurance certificates. Those that cannot promptly provide you with the appropriate paperwork should be avoided. 

2. How many years of commercial roofing experience do you have?

When it comes to something as risky as roofing, there’s simply no replacement for experience. It’s a good business decision to choose a company with experience and a long-standing reputation rather than a new start-up.

3. Are you certified by the relevant product manufacturers?

The company you work with should be accredited by the product suppliers. This not only increases the likelihood of high-quality work but also ensures you can benefit from the product’s warranty.

4. Do you have any references from local clients?

Reviewing testimonials or references from reliable sources can help you understand what to expect from the final product. These references can also give you insight into what the contractor is like to work with, which is also important for a positive experience. 

5. What kind of timeline can I expect for the project’s completion?

Be sure the company can give you a solid timeline that reflects efficient installation and minimal disruption to your normal business operations.

4 Questions to Ask Upon Completion of a Commercial Roofing Project

Even after your commercial roof has been installed or repaired, asking questions about what to do next can ensure you avoid future difficulties.

1. How can I protect my investment and the longevity of my roof?

The company you choose should have some detailed tips for avoiding roof damage and promoting the structural integrity of your roofing system. Most likely, they will advise you to schedule inspections on a regular basis to prevent small issues from snowballing into major damage.

2. How and when can I schedule a commercial roofing inspection?

Go ahead and gather as much information as possible about the inspection and maintenance schedule you should be following to avoid putting inspections off for too long.

3. Is there anything I need to know about my specific roofing system?

The use of some types of chemicals should be avoided on or around certain roofing systems. Ask your roofing contractor to provide an example of a routine you can follow to care for and clean your roof in between professional inspections.

4. What do I need to know about maintaining my warranty?

Inquire about the details of both the roofing product manufacturer’s warranty and the commercial roofing contractor’s warranty to avoid doing anything that may void those warranties.

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