What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material?

When you’re shopping for a new commercial roofing system, you’re likely thinking about both your short-term and long-term needs. You want a commercial roofing material that is quick to install and won’t disrupt your normal business operations. In addition, you want to minimize costs and avoid going over budget. However, you’re probably also concerned about how the roof will hold up in the future, not only because it is essential to protecting your business, but also because roof repairs can be incredibly expensive.

One commercial roofing material that ticks all the boxes is Duro-Last. In contrast to traditional roofing materials, Duro-Last is a single-ply membrane formulated with an innovative thermoplastic material. 

Duro-Last roofs are durable, resilient, and custom-fabricated in a factory setting to reduce installation time and leak potential. As a result, this roofing system truly represents the roof of the future and has even earned a reputation as “the world’s best roof.”

We understand that you’re committed to doing in-depth research before choosing a roofing system for your commercial property. We’re here to help you acquire the information you need to confidently make this decision. Below, you can find details about what makes Duro-Last unique and what you can expect from this roofing material.

A Quick Commercial Roofing Installation Process

Halting business operations even for a day costs time and money, which is why businesses love how quick Duro-Last roofs are to install. This roofing material is custom fabricated in a quality-controlled factory environment before being delivered to the worksite. 

The majority of the seams are sealed in the factory meaning there is much less work for the roofers to do when the day comes to install your roof. You can look forward to minimal interference to your day-to-day business operations, less noise pollution, and less waste. 

In other words, you can enjoy all the benefits of a new roof without the hassle and mess of a traditional roof installation.

Significant Energy Savings

As a business owner or manager, it’s important to save where you can. A Duro-Last roof can help keep your energy costs down and promote a comfortable temperature within your property. 

When you choose a white Duro-Last roof, you’ll experience the advantages of the highly reflective properties of this cutting-edge material. Rather than being absorbed by the roof, heat from the sun’s rays will bounce off of the building, resulting in savings on cooling costs and a more environmentally friendly approach for your business.

Fewer Repairs Over Time

When leaks occur on your roof, they will typically appear at the weakest spot of the roofing material, which is at the joints where two pieces are sealed together. Because your Duro-Last roof will be custom-made to fit your building, there will be significantly fewer seams to worry about. 

With fewer vulnerable areas on your roofing system, you can also look forward to fewer repairs over time. This is good news both for your budget and peace of mind.

Resilience to the Elements

Duro-Last roofs can withstand intense pressure and are made with a waterproof material. They are highly resistant to temperature changes and can even stand up to fire, chemicals, and extreme winds. 

Should severe weather conditions arise or an accident occur at your business, you’ll know that Duro-Last has your property covered.

An Industry-Leading Commercial Roofing Warranty

When your Duro-Last roof is installed by a certified roofing contractor, you’ll be protected by one of the best warranties in the industry. Duro-Last was the first roofing manufacturer to provide a warranty directly covering consequential damages. 

With a 15-year No Dollar Limit Warranty on your roof, you can have total peace of mind about making this business investment.

Learn more about what makes Duro-Last one of the best commercial roofing materials on the market today. Contact AMW Contracting today at 904-725-4197 for a free estimate from a Duro-Last certified roofing contractor.